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Man Playing Guitar

Beginner Course - Level 1

A full in-depth course with lessons covering all the basic fundamentals and first milestones to learning how to play the guitar, the right way from the start.  Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 176min total | 15 lessons | + 18 Associated Exercises

playing a guitar

Beginner Course - Level 2

A step for step continuation course from Level 1 - introducing key concepts; progressing with patterns, technique, notes & theory.  Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 177min total | 11 lessons | + 24 Associated Exercises

Electric Guitar

Beginner Course - Level 3

An in-depth continuation course from Level 2; progressing with dexterity using interval patterns, while understanding Chord construction & the Cycle of 5th's.   Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 120min total | 7 lessons | + 18 Associated Exercises

Beginner Course - Level 4

The final level to completing the Beginners section; progressing with technique & Improvisation, while improving on dexterity and speed.   Ready? Let's go!
Course time: 120min total | 8 lessons | + 24 Associated Exercises